Damages and Claims Policy

Reporting Order Issues for Freight Shipping Damage:

1. Inspect And Accept Shipment  
2. Gather Necessary Information To File Claim
3. File Claim With Carrier 

1. Inspect And Accept Shipment  

• After inspecting the order, immediately write a description of the discrepancy on the Delivery Receipt and inform the driver.

• After noting all discrepancies, please sign for the delivery

Does the shipment look like it has received any damage such as.. 

• Torn or punctured cardboard or stretch wrap.

• Broken or crushed corners on the pallet.

• Broken pallets, straps, and/or packing material. 

• Module stacks that shifted on the pallet.

• Verify that the Packing Slip matches the items received in the shipment.

• Note any discrepancies in item count and any item damage on Delivery Receipt and inform the driver.

***DO NOT REFUSE THE DELIVERY!*** Refusing delivery may result in additional freight charges.

2. Gather Necessary Information To File Claim

Before filing a ‘Freight Damages’ claim, you must collect the following:

• Pictures of the damaged packaging and product.

• Serial numbers for damaged modules and inverters.

• A copy of the Delivery Receipt and Bill of Lading.

• A copy of the Packing Slip and Invoice.

3. File Claim With Carrier 

These claims must be filed with the carriers as soon as possible to enhance the likelihood of success. Duration of the claims process depends on what carrier was used. 

• Please file a claim form with your shipping carrier. If your carrier is Con-Way logistics you will fill out their link form below. Any other carrier you will have to contact Michael Sacks of Echo Global. 

Con-Way Logistics  
Con-Way Claims Form

Echo Global(R+L, SAIA, Reddaway, ect.)
Michael Sacks

Note: It is the customers financial responsibility to purchase a replacement item during the claims process. Renvu Solar Distribution is not responsible for damages to products that happen during transportation. 


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